Raman Cries Ishita Asks The Reason Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th September 2016 Written Ep

Nidhi thinks that Bhalla family is so confused. Raman says that she was in Jaipur and hotel confirmed that she was there. Nidhi says that’s why she gave money to bell boy. After one hour she wore Burkha and then reached Delhi. She went to the costume shop and then wore the dress of Roohan and attacked Alia. Then she went to Jaipur back. She thinks she is so brilliant and shared this thing with no one. Nidhi thinks now Raman and Ishita doesn’t know about who did this. She thinks now Roohi will go jail and nobody will get to know about this.

Ishita says its so confusing. Toshi says Nidhi is so clever. Ishita asks if Raman talked to Abhishek. Mr Bhalla says maybe we will find proves. Raman says  mummies organized trip. Roohi says we should call Alia too for a picnic. He calls Alia and says there is a picnic. Alia says I will come. Mani comes and snatches phone.

mohabbateinHe shouts on Adi and says that you are showing your double face. Alia says I will talk to him. Aadi gets sad. Ishita says what happened. Aadi says Mani doubt me still. Ishita says we will find the culprit. Vishwa comes and applies gajra to Madhu hair. Madhu becomes happy and says you care for me a lot.

Ishita thinks what she should do to convince Mani. She thinks how can he not trust Aadi. Ishita thinks if Raman will talk. Raman comes and says Shagun is not allowing him to meet Pihu. He says I will talk to my lawyer. Ishita says she will come. Raman says go to the office. A bouquet comes to Simmi. She gets a letter  and it was written that this is for someone special. Simmi takes it to Mihika and says this is for you.

Mihika says it’s for you as someone is sending you all this. Ishita sits in the cab. Raman calls her and says Shagun has added weird clauses. She sees Nidhi is fighting with a cab driver. Ishita asks what happened. The cab driver tells that this Lady came in my taxi to Delhi and they came back wearing a cap. Then she did not give me money. Raman says I got it now as Nidhi came back from Jaipur and attacked Alia then returned to Jaipur.

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