Rano & Raj Try To Reveal Bani’s Granddaughter To everyone! ‘Kasam’ 7th September 2016 Live Episode Updates & Streaming

Kasam 7th September 2016

in the last episode of Kasam we saw that Manpreet was very happy when he comes to home and Ahana was very curious to know what has happened in the office and did Rishi fired him, he laughs and tells her that all the things went very well and Roshi wishes him for his birthday and also gives him present for today.

Rano and Raaj come into the room and wishes Manpreet lots of luck and wishes for his birthday. Beeji was getting very generous and literally started liking her for all his good habits and deeds, Tanuja was becoming restless as he is in the house of Rishi who she thinks is trying to scold her every single time. She has to stay as Beeji was requesting her to stay. Beeji calls everyone into her room and tells them not to disturb them for the rest of the day and tells Manpreet to bring the keyboard for them. Yuvi brings the keyboard for them and they start playing it. Then after they have played the game Beeji bids her goodbye and also praises her efforts to take care of her.

Kasam 7th September 2016

When she was about to go Rishi was coming from the doorway and suddenly when Tanuja was trying to hide herself but she gets hit by him and Rishi’s all the documents fall on the ground making Tanuja to pick up those for him and give it back to him. Bano was trying to teach her granddaughter how to make a boy fall for them but she was really giving lame reasons and methods to do so.

Rishi when confronts Tanuja starts scolding her again and when Beeji starts taking her favour, Rishi gets more mad at her and starts calling her a black magician who’ve done a magic onto her and now she is doing all the things in favour of her. Raj starts telling all the things and starts making the situation easier to understand Rishi that why Tanuja is at the home.

When everything and every argument stop Rano ask Tanuja to leave the home and when she was coming back to inside her Stall catch fire and looking at this Tanuja runs to save her and Roshi too, when they were doing this Beeji was remembering Tannu’s memories of saving Rano like the same method like Ranuja was doing.

Later when Tanuja was alone Rano comes to meet her and order her to go away and find someplace else to stay, but she is very helpless and ask fro two more days from her. Rano tells her not to come close to anyone in the home and then she ask her not to close her limits which have been made by her for all the three sisters. Raaj and Rano were trying to decide that whether they want, to tell the truth about that three sister to everyone.

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