Rare 17-foot deep water whale washes up on Jones Beach in Plymouth

The carcass of a very rarely spotted whale was found on a Massachusetts beach on July 24, 2015, surprising many, including marine biologists, who are enthused with the rare research break.

This is among the rarely-seen whales, as it lives deep under the ocean. The found whale is reported to be 17-foot in size and is a female. The whale’s carcass washed up on Jones Beach in Plymouth.

According to a post on DailyMail, New England Aquarium’s biologists are already working on finding reasons behind its sudden emergence on the shore.

Jones Beach in Plymouth

The biologists will also do a necropsy of the whale with staff supporting from International Fund for Animal Welfare.

The whale was first seen on the beach by a resident, and from preliminary reports, officials said that the found one, which weighs almost a ton, is a Sowerby’s beaked whale.

Sowerby’s beaked whale is characterized by the long and slender snout and lives in deep water, feeding on smaller fishes.

Reportedly, the carcass is in a relatively good condition. The last time the aquarium found a beaked whale was in the year 2006.

Very little is known about beaked whales, which are found offshore in North Atlantic, as all species live in deep water.

While this can be fairly sad news to find such a big mammal on the shore, but for biologists, this is one of those very rare occasions when they get to study such beaked whales as much of the research remains undone.

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