Ravan Comes To Fight: Watch Siya Ke Ram 18th August Written Episode 2016

Ahiravan comes to Ram’s shelter. Vibhishan tries to stop him but he hypnotises him and makes him sleep. He kills all vanars and attacks Ram and Lakshman also. Everyone was lying on ground. Hanyman wakes up and shouts Prabhu Prabhu and searches Lakshman also.

Sugriv also wakes up. Everyone comes in sense listening him. Sugriv asks what happened.  Hanuman tells Ram and Lakshman are not here. He worries. Vibhishan asks Ram and Lakshman are fine or not. Sugriv says no they are not here. Vibhishan tells Ahiravan has used maya on us and he took Ram and Lakshman.


Hanuman asks who is that. He tells that he is king of Patal lok and surely he took them there. Hanuman says he will go there and make Ram and Lakshman free from him. Hanuman puts his leg in ground and goes down. He flies and tries to search them.

Sita says no this cannot happen and how Ahiravan can take Ram in patal lok. Trijata says its true. Hanuman walks and thinks where is gate of patal lok. He finds gate and tries to open it. He sees many Ahiravan there. Sita thinks she has to do anything in this matter. She says there is one way yogmaya.

Ahiravan worships and says he will kill these two people and she should become happy. Devi appears and goes to kill them then Hanuman comes and stops her. They both fights.  Devi says he is not oridinary vanar and who is he. Hanuman says he is follower of Ram.  Hanuman tells her not to kill them.

Devi becomes impressed and says now you will be called as Patali hanuman. Ahiravan appears as many and he laughs. He says Patalika saved you but you cannot become safe from me. Hanuman shouts that he will kill him. Ahiravan says he has to first find out who is original Ahiravan.

Hanuman gets shocked and kills one by one. But nothing happens. He thinks till when he can find original Ahiravan then its waste of time to kill his reflections. Ahiravan makes fun of Hanuman. Hanuman holds his neck and says now he caught his neck and now he will be killed. He says oh really

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