Released: The BFG Movie Review By Critics First day Box Office Collection

the bfg

A movie which is fantasizing and is making you feel like you are a kid again, an adventurous movie which is based on a story which is not new but the casting and the plotting of the movie is quite new.The movie “The BFG” is a story which is about a little girl named as Sophie. Who lives a simple life and one day she founded that she is having a giant human following her and after some time she finds that.

He is now has a big giant friend whose name is BFG and in fact which stands for “Big friend who is a Giant”. At first place, the BFG sometimes kidnaps the little girl Sophie from her place. After sometime when Sophie spent some time with this giant, she understands that this great Adventure. The story starts from here when both of them starts finding an evil giant who eat humans. That evil giant is now threatening the whole human world.


The bfg-movie
This movie is basically based on the novel of the same name by Roald Dahl. This is great Adventure movie and they have taken many migty and tiny things from the novel and has shown the main and lead characters perfectly.

The movie ib being awaited by many people specially those who have read the novel. Movies official trailer is already out and it’s simply great, amazing. The Trailer has featured the little girl Sophie, her giant friend BFG and also the evil giant.

But trailer has not featured many things of evil giant so we might see clear things in trailer but the only thing that is cleared from the movie is that the movie is going to be amazing both in case of VFX and in creativity of plotting the story by the director.

the bfgThe movie is just amazing for those guys who loves to watch movies  movies like different from everyday topics and have some adventure in them.

The movie is also compared to an old Movie which has the same story like a giant who has a human friend and is trying to save earth from the giants attack. But the makers of this movie is saying that this movie is quiet different from those which the people are thinking it.

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