Reliance Jio Vs Bharti Airtel: Rivalry Intensifies As More Than 2 Crores Call Being Dropped Per Day


Reliance Jio is blaming Bharti Airtel for more than 2 crore calls dropping daily between the networks, the offer points between both the networks are stated by Reliance spokesperson to be “substantially less”. This news came to light almost a day after Airtel made a press statement stating that they will be releasing connection points before their contractual agreement.

RJio also respected Airtel releasing Connection points because Reliance shared with Airtel a transparent working project in sharing, but as Airtel had released the only 1/4th of the points required Reliance is not happy with that. They even showed their concern and said they also highlighted their urgency to Airtel, so can we assume that Airtel might be trying to kill RJio.
Reliance also dragged TRAI in this and said that it was up to TRAI to have intervened in this matter as the number of call drops is in excess of QoS parameters.

airtel-vs-jio-fight-rivalryAirtel has even accepted that RJio has already paid them for additional points, but they have not released those points yet, the reason, however, is quite unclear. Airtel even though promised that they will be releasing points soon, while TRAI policy provides them to provide points in 90 days. They also insisted on the installation of one-way E1s instead of Two-way E1s which are installed for all the networks.

The one way E1s are only installed for interconnection between networks with the same bandwidth, like in the case of 4G with 4G only.

This might even call for unfair competition between RJio and Airtel and become a big issue, instead, it can be solved by just Airtel doing what the company has stated it would do.

reliance-vs-airtel-rivalryBut no worries for Jio users as in the maximum duration of 90 days airtel will have to do what they had promised. If the fail to comply with the conditions of their contract with Reliance than TRAI will have to take some strict action on this issue.

This much number of call drop is strictly against the norms provided by TRAI for this purpose. This is it, for now, stay tuned for more news and interesting articles.

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