‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’: “Revenge” Is All Alice Wants & End of This Thrilling Franchise Too!


The Final chapter of Resident Evil “Alice seeks Revenge” trailer is set out. In this, all things are going to end including the story of Alice too and Resident Evil which is going to release next year or as to be more exact the undead-slaying Alice was headlined by the Milla Jovovich as the husband of Jovovich Paul W.S.

Anderson who has written and directed the movie has told so many things behind the scenes of the camera. Fitting titled the Resident Evil:The Final Chapter due to the final installment of the Duo’s run on the video game, titled picks up shortly after the events of the fifth installment. As coming to the Alice she is being only lasted one to survive against the zombies. So now it’s the Alice that she head home (literally) to move to the Raccoon city, where her fellow apocalypse survivors & her self to has to fight the battle against the Umbrella Corporation.

resident-evil-the-final-chapterAt the same time, it’s being highlighted that Alice has the trip “Home” as the previously released trailer of the Final Chapter, the thrilling And kinetic action flashes quickly the Resident Evil Movie video game which is more-Horror driven game.

In this, it would be the big bit action with the sort of fight sequence. The Alice and her old rival Dr.Alexander Isaacs (Ian Glen) which is the last person who’s appearance in the last of the movie Resident Evil was nearly ten years ago in the Resident Evil:Extinction.

The second full-length new trailer is revealed by the Screen Gems, were here to seen more upcoming showdown between the Alice and Dr. Isaacs,just a bit further also putting the curtain on the embarrassing storyline of the movie. This will clear all your doubt when you see the Final Chapter panel at the New York Comic-Con in 2016.

This is going to be the final performance by the Anderson or Alice for so long after the collaborators on the Resident Evil films, it could be appropriate that the franchise includes the old faces that were cast in the last installment. The previous Familiar faces are Ali Larter as Claire Redfield, Shawn Roberts as Albert Wesker and Again glen as Dr.Isaacs who better known by the Jorah Mormont Also casts on Game Of The Thrones.

Also featuring which includes Ruby Rose (Orange Is The New Black), Eoin Macken (The Night Shift), William Leavy (The Tempest) also features the Japanese model and actresses in the supporting role.

Hopes that it would be a satisfying ending to the Alice. it could be a question for the fans of Anderson’s films that screen Gems going to reboot or launch the franchise in the future or once have Jovovich & Anderson have retired.

Here’s the new Trailer of The Resident Evil: The Final Chapter:

So it taking a while to sure that it will indeed for both the Resident Evil Movies & for Alice. The Final Chapter opens in the U.S. theaters on the January 27th, 2017.

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