Rishi About To Meet Tanuja! Kasam 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Live Updates

Kasam 26nd Aug

The show starts and we see Tanuja was held in hospital by the stretcher men. Driver pleads Rishi to stay and get admitted that girl else they will make a police case of it and he goes inside. He goes to reception for filling form but receptionist says that she can fill it for him. The

The stetcher man rags Tanuja on it and she holds Rishi’s hand. He feels like Tanu’s first touch and sees her quizzically. Nurse removes her stroller from Rishi’s watch and it falls on Rishi’s face as they moved her inside. He thinks that is this girl related to Tannu as her memories are coming with her. Then he leaves with driver for meeting, the bomb blasts in building as he was walking towards the building. There Ahaana, Nakul and Rano with Raaj sees the news channels and gets shocked seeing the news of bomb blast in Rishi’s meeting and mr fernandis died in that. Ahaana asks manager on call about Rishi and he says he has left a long time ago.

Kasam 22nd Aug

There doctor asks Rishi that can he hear them. but he falls weak and tries to stand up and recalls Tanuja holding his hand to stop him for two mins as death was ahead him but that girl stopped him. Then driver comes to him in same condition. Raaj and all asks about Rishi from everywhere calling. Nakul runs to Rishi as he comes home and hugs him, he assures that he is safe. They all asks about what happened there and

They all asks about what happened there and driver says that girl saved him and he asks him to go away. But family asks about that girl, then driver says that he made accident of a girl and then took her to hospital but she held Rishi’s hand and they got late for 2 min and that was life savior for Rishi. Rishi scolds him and goes to his room. They all asks him about the hospital as they should meet that girl to thank her. Driver says before some years Tannu saved him now that girl.

There Rishi recalls Tannu’s touch like as Tanuja’s. In the hospital Tanuja gets conscious and asks nurse who brought her here and she says Rishi. Tannu confirms Rishi singh bedi. There Rishi thinks that day Tannu gave him life in which he is dying everyday and now this girl gave injuries that hadn’t healed yet.

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