Rishi Again Shocks To See Tanuja In His Office! ‘Kasam’ 26th August 2016 Full Episode Written Updates

Kasam 26nd Aug

The show starts and we see Neha acts in front of sandy that she is worried about Tanuja’s accident and asks him to leave for Mumbai to meet them. But sandy was concerned.

There temple lady assures Rishi that this is true but Rishi asks her that he believed in all this what he got back in return and where is Tannu now? she smiles and says that its unbelievable because its unnatural but he will have to believe on it this time also as he did. He stops her and says that he hates these fates, lucks, stories, love and all matter, and he hates her too as his tannu left him since she came in their life and goes in side office. Watchman stops lady push him him away and Tanuja helps her, and she looks at Tanuja continuously.

Kasam 26nd Aug In office rishi recalls lady’s words and thinks about Tanuja. He thinks that had Tannu returned? She must have given some clue, then thinks that he cant believe on anyone until she comes to him herself. There lady was upset as he didn’t hear him, and thinks that he didn’t believe that she has seen her. Tanuja takes her to a tea stall and orders tea for her.

The lady says that she has met her before a long ago and Tanuja says yes. The lady was elated that Tanuja knows her well and trusts her. Tanuja offers water but lady complains that he didn’t listen to anything and didn’t trusted on maa kaalo tooo.

Tanuja tries to give tea but she is restless and repeats the same thing. She says that she can feel her first touch and can says that she has returned and will save Rishi from death curse again. Tanuja gets an call and says that she is late for interview and is in hurry else she wont get it and goes, she thinks that something is true about what the lady is saying.
In next show we will see tanuja comes for interview and apolozises for being late, rishi turns on his chair and they both get shocked seeing each other

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