Rishi Confronts Tanuja In Beeji’s Room! ‘Kasam’ 30th August 2016: Written Episode Live Updates

Nidhi and Vidhi were planning to go inside the house and they were doing this because they want to see Nakul inside. Raaj was going somewhere and he also asks Yuvi to go with him and he gets ready too. Tanuja and Beeji suddenly reach there as they both were going inside and they watch Tanujs helping Beeji to get off the car and to bring her inside the home.

Nidhi and Vidhi both goes after them to see what happened and suddenly Raaj and Yuvi saw them too and tey both gets worried about what happened. Rano, Yuvi, Raaj and everyone gets to them and help Beeji to lay on the Couch and then they ask about what happened and Tanujs tells that she gets fainted while she was on the way back home. Nakul too comes there and Tanuja assures no one to worry because there is nothing to worry. Aahana brings water for them and gives them, while Rano was blaming Tanu Raaj takes his side and try to convince everyone that she is doing right.

kasam 30th August 2016They all were worried about Beeji and was doing everything and they have called the doctor too, the doctor comes to the room and ask Tanuja what precautions she has taken at the time she fainted and as she told him everything she has done.

Doctor appreciated Tanuja’s method of treating Beeji and how she tackled the situation at that time. Yuvi when confronts Tanuja gets the chance to know her better and he also thanks her of helping their Beeji and bringing her back to the home. Tanuja was leaving when suddenly Beeji wakes up and holds her hand. Raaj and Rano were worried about Tanuja and because if someone finds that she is living with them.

Beeji was so much impressed by Tanuja and wanting her to stay with her at that time. She asks Beeji that why she went to the temple on a very hot day and then she does all this which results in her to get dehydrated and gets fainted.

Rishi calls someone and Tanuja pick up the call, then she replied that she is Tannu listening to this he gets stormed in lots of emotions and gets shocked too. Rishi comes to Beeji’s room and later confronts Tanuja there.

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