Rishi Is Happy Now As Tanu Is Back! Kasam 22nd September 2016 Colors Tv Written Serials Episode Update


Tannu is back at home actually she is not but everyone is thinking this thing and Manpreet even calls Rishi to tell all this and try to tell him this thing but he is very angry and didn’t listen and cut the call.

Raj remembers all the past thinks and tells her about their whole history and the things which Tannu’s parents and they have done together and also that they have a relation to a whole family. Raj remembers all the small happiness and lovely time which they have spent together and also tell her the memories of their past. Everyone was still shocked to see Tannu in front of them but she is not Tannu. Raj tells her that she has given a whole new life to Rishi and now he is fine like he used to before losing Tannu.

kasam-serialThen after everyone tells so many things, Tanuja gets too much worried about what will go to happen and now and she starts telling them the truth, she tells them everything about his operation which becomes a mistake and she got the face of Tannu rather than Tanuja.

Beeji who got emotional swears to her and Yuvi tells her that this is impossible and she might be unknown to this, Tanuja was very shocked as her identity got changed with her face and now she too wants to accept this like they are mistaking her with Tannu.

She tells that there might be some connection between her and Tannu but her identity will remain the same and will never change as she just got his face changed not her identity. Neha mistakenly picks up the call which Rishi called to scold them and her without listening to him tells all the things and plans which they were thinking of doing.

Rishi got very angry over this and starts shouting and scolding her. Rishi later enters the house and after confronting Tanujs which now look like Tannu, he gets very much shocked and didn’t say anything to her.

He was just looking at her like he has forgotten everything and gets into his past with Tanu. Tanujs was feeling very much happy as she has become the reason for Rishi’s smile whether it will be for only seconds.

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