Rishi Runs Behind Tanuja Calling Her A Theif! ‘Kasam’ 1st September 2016 Written Episode Updates & Live Streaming

Manpreet Kasam

Tanuja who recently got her slippers broken by Rishi somehow is now finding a way to stick it so that she can walk due to that broken slipper she can barely walk and Manpreet was very stressed to think about what he will go to do as no girl is getting ready to becomes his secretary and after knowing about the anger issues of his brother no girl is getting ready to become his secretary.

Manpreet was feeling very helpless and was thinking what he can do to arrange a secretary over a very short notice to him. Rano and Raaj come into the room while scolding her and she is very sad because everyone is getting angry over her and nobody is understanding her situation at that time. They suggest her that she might arrange a nurse for her so that she didn’t feel any problem while no-one is near to her. They was talking about a girl who can stay with her and take care of her at all the times and can talk to her and make her feel comfortable all the time, Benji suddenly suggest about Tanuja and listening to this Raaj and Rano got very doubtful while choosing to work in their home for all the time.

Manpreet Kasam

Manpreet comes to Tanuj while looking for a girl who can work for his brother and she is also looking for a job so she agrees to it. Manpreet suddenly agrees to her every condition and appoints her as the secretary job but she tells him that she is very dedicated to her job and will going to do her job at any cost and will not go to leave her job or resign her job even the boss is very angry and always very rude to everyone including her.

Manpreet gives this news to Rishi that he has hired a secretary for him and she is ready on all the conditions. Rishi was seen running behind Tannu calling her a thief and his wallet fell off her pocket and he comes to know about this and at the police station Rishi was very angry and call her a trouble for all the time.

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