“Rivalry Returns”As ‘WhatsApp’ New Feature Will Let You become More Creative In Images Like ‘Snapchat’


One of the biggest and most known messaging and social networking site Whatsapp has added a new feature and it’s quite awesome.

The one of the biggest messaging app WhatsApp has added a new feature which will go to allow the users to write and draw on photos and videos and we can add emojis too on it. The biggest problem while introducing new ways to customize or to enhance a new clicked image or possible a video which a user wants to share with its friends and family around the world seems to be quite a difficult thing and if it’s possible it was because of a heavy and difficult app or software which will take up a lot of time.

whatsappBut with the new feature which has been out by the Whatsapp new camera feature, it has become a child’s play to write, draw or to add emoji on the photo or video while expressing yourself more effectively.

This new update will going to pop out on your screen whenever you will take a new image or capture a video, while it also supports the front flash in the camera so the selfies will also come in a great quality even at the low light or at night when it becomes a very great work to take selfies, while the feature will going to brighten up the screen and will also enhance the quality of the image taken.

The feature is all out on in all the smartphones whether Android or iOs and it some of the users have compared it to the photo app of ‘Snap chat’ the another biggest social networking site but without messaging.

The total number of WhatsApp users in the world have already crossed around 1 Billion and as it was taken over by Facebook in 2014 in a $19-Billion deal the deal is marking great improvements to the app.

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