Roger Federer Out From Rio 2016 Olympics Due To Knee Injury

Roger Federer

The one of the most renown player of the Tennis world has suffered a serious loss and a very big chance has been missed by him to play for the biggest world known games tournament Olympics in 2016 which will going to held in Rio De Janerio. The player has reported of having a knee injury and due to this problem he will not going to take part in the Rio 2016 Olympics. He has recently gone through a knee surgery, which is a major reason for him to not take part in the games.

Roger Federer

The player federer has announced this news and later confirmed it through personally, ┬áhe has said on his official account that ” i’m extremely disappointed to announce that due to certain reasons, my chance for playing for my country Switzerland to represent it in the rio games, i’ll also going to miss the remainder of the season.

The news was later confirmed that his doctors have confirmed that due to his serious conditions and consultations from them, this decision should be taken by me to not join this time, he also confirms that he needs More extensive rehabilitation following his knee surgery earlier this year”.

The doctors have consulted him to take serious rest and will have to rest both his knees to get back in his formfor which he is known for, he later said that he will going to take and complete his resting time so that when he will come he will be in his best form till now. He also said that i’ve gone through lots of injuries but never miss any important game or tournament and this time he is very unlucky that this big opportunity will be missed by his hand. He has requested his fans to keep faith over him and will have to wait for seeing a new rogerer.

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