Run Antony Review & Collection: 1st Day Box Office Collection Overseas

Run Antony

Run Antony

One of the Kannada film which was released on 1st July 2016, on the big screens worldwide. It is an Kannada romantic thriller film which is written and directed by the very talented and well known person for the Kannada film industry , Raghu Shastri, who had already did work with many of the films which had great success.

The film was produced by  Parvathamma Rajkumar, Raghavendra Rajkumar and Guru Rajkumar under Vajreshwari Hospitality banner. Run Antony is featuring Vinay Rajkumar, Sushmita Joshi and Rukhsar Mir in the leading roles of the film and they really did so well in the film with their amazing work and acting. Soundtracks and the music of the film is composed by none other than Manikanth Kadri , who is a name in itself in the music world.
The director of the film, Raghu Shastri, who is a former assistant of the great name and a very experience Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap, was just approached by Raghavendra Rajkumar to direct the script of the film which is just made ready by him.

Actor Vinay had heard the script and just read the story in his mind and he really find it so interesting and he agreed to be the part of the film as a star with leading role, as he already got success in his recent made film Siddhartha which was released in 2015. The script of the film has a mix match of romance and thriller concepts which will really going to hit on the box office and beloved by the audience.
The story of the film is just puts lights here on a guy, named Antony, who is doing so well in his life and everything, which is related to his personal and professional life is just going smoothly, but at a time something just goes into a wrong path and don’t even he know that what is just happening with him and his life.

He just ran to find his own identity, as the police is behind him to catch him , rather he’s dead or alive, so he just forced to run away from all the course, the story is just started here, for more , you should go and have a look on theatre. Run Antony has done an average business from box office as it collects approx. Rs. 40- 45 lacs on the first day of its release, and on the second day it comes up with the same rate of earnings with approx. Rs. 46.73 lacs. Overall Run Antony had earned approx Rs. 1.43 cr. from box office and had an average response from audience.

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