Rustom Vs Mohenjo Daro Collection Updates: Akshay Kumar Starrer Beats Hrithik’s Film On the Box Office

Rustom Vs Mohenjo Daro Collection

Bollywood is known for its exceptional and amazing ideas which are shown through the movies and when two of the most awaited movies gets clashed on the box-office the results are devastating and everything which comes out is shocking for everyone. This is what happened in the case of Akshay’s ‘Rustom’ and Hrithik’s Mohehjo Daro’. Both the movies are so much awaited and the expectations from the movies are quite high regarding the collection and reviews from the movies.

Rustom Vs Mohenjo Daro Collection

Mohenjo Daro which is one of the most epic movie of Indian and one of its type concept in the whole Industry, the movie’s story is about the unexceptional and inspiring love story of how a simple farmer from a village roams in one of the biggest and the grandest city of that time and falls in love with a high-status girl and then the action adventure begins for both of them, when the whole elite city group gets against him and all the odds are getting in his way, the movie is being interpreted very perfectly by Ashutosh Gowariker who is the director of the movie and writer too, he has taken almost 3 years to complete the story with the help of Archeologists and studying the whole concept and make sure nothing is left in the story-line.

The other story is about how a Naval officer is accused of killing of his wife’s extra-marital affair and then later confesses in front of the whole country. Both the movies have been waiting for too long for the audience and they are all out and so do their collection reports too. The very first-day collection of both the movies is quite disappointing but as the weekend goes the collection of Rustom starts climbing the ladder of a blockbuster hit in theaters.

The collection reports of the movie is given below:

Friday Rs 8.87 Cr, Rs 14.11 Cr,

Saturday Rs 9.60 Cr, Rs 16.43 Cr,

Sunday Rs 12.07 Cr, Rs 19.88 Cr,

Monday Rs 10.27 Cr, Rs 17.81 Cr,

Tuesday Rs 3.16 Cr, Rs 7.67 Cr,

Wednesday Rs 2.96 Cr, Rs 6.38 Cr,

Thursday Rs 4.24 Cr, Rs 8.62 Cr,

8th Day Rs 1.75 Cr, Rs 4.41 Cr,

9th Day Rs 2.59 Cr, Rs 5.69 Cr,

India Net. Rs 55.52 Cr, Rs 101.20 Cr,

Overseas Rs 22.01 Cr, Rs 25.31 Cr,

Worldwide Rs 77.53 Cr, Rs 126.51 Cr.

The movies have shown great change and increase in the collection when compared to the first opening day of the movie.

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