Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 10th July 2016 Watch Online Episode & Performances Video

sa re ga ma pa 2016

In the last episode of Sa re Ga Ma Pa we saw that the show was started by a new host Jai Bhanushali rather than Aditya pancholi and everybody gets a little shocked to see him rather then Aditya. He too brings a new gift for everyone and that was Irrfan Khan who is known for his overseas popularity and his acting skills both in Hollywood and Bollywood and he also gets praised by so many awards and praises by so many stars himself.

sa re ga ma pa 2016

Irrfan khan is the only actor who has got so much love both in his own country and overseas by millions of people. He too has so many awards which is being asked by many biggest superstars but he doesn’t care about anything the only thing he cares is about his acting skills and his perfection in the industry.

The first performance is of Jyotica Tangri who sings a very amazing and fantasizing song which makes everyone praises for her performance with getting 100 out of 100 scores from the grad jury.

The second performance is of Sachin who has given his one of the top performances and won everybody’s heart. This guy from Delhi is one of the most talented guys to be on this show.

The show is featuring basically on the topic of Eid special and all the things were relatad to the Eid and even the gifts and other things which were given to the contestants on the occasion of this festival which is celebrated in the whole world with lots of joy and festivities this show is having so many performances which are unforgettable.

This telecast has features some of those performances by those contestants which were not known by anyone before this show to anyone or anywhere. The show is giving chances to all those guys who are truly dedicated towards their profession and the music. This telecast of SRGMP also welcomes Irrfan Khan and Amaal malik in their show.

The show has completed hi initial phase and has moved on to next level which will going to soon end up n semi-Finals for the contestants.

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