Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th October 2016 Online Written Episode Updates: Mansi Points Gun At Jaggi

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Dharam becomes angry. Meera goes and kisses him. She says sorry and goes. Prag and Kokila was talking. He says i didnot intend to hurt you and i want to talk to you. Kokila says you have to tell them both. She says our lives have been united now. Meera talks to Vidya. Meera says Dharam was so shocked. Vidya says his anger will go now. Meera says oh please i didnot have any other plan. Vidya tells Meera about what happened in temple. Vidya gets Urmila’s call. She asks everything is fine or not. Urmila says everything spoiled. She tells what happened last night and DNA reports came. Meera says thank god atleast we are safe.

Saath Nibhana SaathiyaPrag says i know Jaggi will not like me. This is right and i have to repret. Kokila says i thought that Urvashi went from your life. Kokila says you didnot tell me that Urvashi is going to have a baby. Kokila says if i will knew this then i would not have married him and you have given your rights. Prag says i am feeling bad that i was not with you. I never thought of Urvashi. Kokila says truth is that Jaggi is your son and this is your mistake and i am also part of your mistake. She says we are given another chance to correct our mistake. She says your son came to your home to protect our respect.

Kokila says we have to tell Jaggi that you are his father. Jaggi listens them and becomes shocked. Everyone sees him. He asks are you my father. Prag says yes. Gopi asks him to stop. Urvashi says i knew it that he will become angry because of this. Prag says what will happen now. Krishna comes back. Pramila hugs him. She gives him water. Mansi says we got bail with difficulty. Mansi asks him to rest. Mansi says i will kill Jaggi. Krishna asks her to calm down. He says bring her medicine. Krishna says calm down. Pramila and Krishna holds her and locks in room. Urvashi and Gopi asks Jaggi to open door. Gopi says please come out. Kokila says please come out and this is not solution.

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