Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th September 2016 Episode: Premila and Mansi Come To Modi Bhavan

Urmila asks Jaggi to come with her as we have to steal papers from Mansi’s house. Jaggi becomes excited. Gopi comes and says no one will go anywhere. She tells Kokila has talked to a lawyer and we are trying to take help of law. Urmila says we are not going anywhere. Urmila shouts and says why you said we are not going. Jaggi says plan is on and we will go for sure.


Pari and Mona also.come. Mona goes to change. Vidya sees Meera sleeping on sofa. Meera becomes sad. Vidya asks you fought with Dharam. Meera says no i have not started fight. Dharam comes and teases Meera. Meera says you were not sleeping. Meera says sorry to him. Vidya smiles. Naiya sees them and says let them be happy as now all her plans will not flop.

Urmila and Jaggi reaches Mansi’s house. He asks Urmila to jump. She says no. Jaggi saya he will jump and open main gate. Mona and Pari also goes to steal papers. They jumps. Pari says she will talk to Mansi alone not in front of Pramila. Krishna sleeps. Mona collides with vase and vase breaks.

Everyone wakes up. Mansi, Pramila and Krishna goes downstairs. Krishna says he will check every room. Jaggi takes out fuse. Mansi gets scared and asks what happened with electricity. Gopi goes in Jaggi’s room and sees Jai and Veeru there. She gets shocked and looks for Jaggi. She doesn’t finds him. She thinks where he went.

Gopi becomes scared and saya Urmila and Jaggi went to steal papers. Jigar says Mona and Pari are also not in room. Gopi calls Jaggi and Mansi sees Jaggi there. Gopi and Jigar listens on phone that Mansi caught them. Pari and Mona also sees that Urmila and Jaggi have been caught. Gopi gets tensed and says how will Jaggi and Urmila save them. Krishna says police is about to come and now your plan finished.

Mansi shouts how dare you to come in our house. Mona says how will we escape and they will catch us soon. Gopi tells everybody. Jigar says how can they do that. Gopi tells we have to do something. Pramila holds Urmila and says now you will get to know. They locks them in kitchen. Urmila thinks how to get out from here. Jaggi looks at window and says now we will escape. Krishna asks why they came here. Mansi says yes she warned Jigar that she will destroy Modi mansion.

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