Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap: Gopi’s Condition Is Critical

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi comes in front and he gets shot. Mansi becomes scared. Jaggi sees blood coming out from her shoulder. Kokila prays and thinks something is wrong. Jaggi shouts and asks what is this. Mansi smiles. Jaggi sees Mansi. Mansi says she wants to kill him but Gopi is injured. She says dont worry this is your turn. She asks not to move. Jaggi takes gun from Mansi and keeps on her. Ritesh takes out medicine and thinks Meera will get relief. Prakash says Meera and Dharam has age difference. Dharam listens them. Ritesh says how can Dharam do this to Meera.

Saath Nibhana SaathiyaDharam says i can do many thing and please get out of my home. Jaggi handles Gopi and asks people to catch Mansi. Jaggi lifts Gopi and asks for cabm he keeps Gopi on wooden stall and he takes her. Dharam holds Ritesh and takes him to door. Sharvan holds him. Shravan asks what are you doing. Dharam says i am taking garbage out of my house. Naiya asks Sharavan to do something. Ritesh asks Dharam to stay in limits. Dharam says you cannot say anything about our relation. Ritesh says you do not deserve Meera. Dharam slaps Dharam. Ritesh takes up his hand and Meera holds his hand. Prakash thinks how she came in between. Meera shouts how dare you to slap Dharam. Meera says i thought you are friend but you are not sensible.

Ritesh says this man is not good for you. Meera says he is my husband and this is my decision and i have taken this decision. Nobody can insult my husband and whatever is between us is our matter and no stranger can say anything about us. She asks Ritesh to get out. Ritesh gets shocked. Meera says listen to me Dharam is my world to me and no one can snatch my world from me. Dharam holds her hand. Jaggi takes Gopi to hospital. Kokila thinks where must be Gopi and Jaggi. Kokila says Gopi will take Jaggi back. Jaggi says please save my Gopi kaa. He sees blood on his hand and shirt. Vidya gets call and says i am reaching. Naiya thinks where she will be going. Urvashi gets call of Jaggi and tells someone shot Gopi. Vidya meets Ritesh and says thank you to him as he helped her.

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