Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th Setpember 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Jaggi Went From House

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi and Jigar reaches Mansi’s home and says what happened. Police comes. Mansi says see inspector we have tied two theives and they came into our house without permission so you should arrest them. Police asks where are they. Krishana tells in kitchen. All of them goes in kitchen. They doesnot finds anybody and becomes shocked. Jaggi and Urmila sits below in kitchen and talks. Urmila asks Jaggi not to eat so much butter. Police comes to know them. Mansi says yes they are who came in their house. Urmila says Mansi invited them to dinner and now they have no time for them thats why she is sitting in kitchen. Mansi says they are thieves. Urmila and Jaggi says if they will be thief then they would have escapaed through window but they are waiting for her.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Mansi says please arrest them. Jaggi says Mansi knows us and if you dont believe me then you can check her room and see his photos. Mansi says yes i know them. Police becomes angry and says you called us to waste our time. Mansi says arrest Urmila. Gopi tells you cannot arrest a woman after 6° clock. Police says yes and tomorrow is holiday so they warns them and leaves. Jaggi and Urmila comes back home. Kokila says why you went to Mansi’s house and this is risky. Jaggi says not to worry as they are fine. Jaggi asks them to take a family selfie in home as if they could not take selfie in this home again.

Gopi remembers Ahem and thinks he was also willing to take selfie and she gets emotional. She goes to her room. Everyone goes. Jaggi says this family is so emotional. Pari also comes out. Mansi sees her and asks you were also with them. Pari says no i came here to talk to you on home matter. Mansi gets angry and shouts on her. She leaves. Naiya calls Mayal and she teaches dance to them. Suddenly she pushes Meera and Ritesh was also there and arranging flowers. He holds her and flowers falls. Ritesh admires her. Dharam comes there and becomes angry. Naiya comes and asks what happened you should be habitual of this. He gets sad and goes. Mansi says she has to destroy Gopi. Jaggi makes a plan and thinks to kidnap Mansi. Mansi and Pramila goes to Modi bhawan.

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