Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Krishna Don’t Want To Go America

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Mansi mixes something then Pramila comes and asks why she is kitchen. Pramila asks what is she mixing in ajwain. Mansi tells chemicals and when she will go to make ajwain poori then oil will jump up. Gopi becomes ready in room. Krishna becomes happy and says whole dressing table is for Gopi. Then Krishna gets call and says he will call him back. Krishna says Gopi is so lucky for him as he is selected for conference in America and if she will deny him to go and then he will not go. Pramila says she is not uneducated and she will not stop you. Pramila says ok you go.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

She asks Gopi to make ajwain puri. Gopi says ok. Krishna goes to modi bhavan. Kokila asks if everything is fine or not. Krishna says everything is fine and Gopi is also good and infact Gopi is making food in his house for first time. He tells Kokila that he is going to America for few days and Kokila becomes scared and says Gopi is in that house from few time and she will not feel comfortable there. Krishna says not to worry as Pramila and Gopi has good bonding now. Kokila says she will just come. She takes aarti thal and gives prashad to Krishna and gives him some money and asks not to spend this.

Krishna goes. Pramila asks if she has find every ingredients. Gopi says she doesnot find ajawain. Mansi comes and gives her and becomes nice on her face. Kokila becomes happy and worships Lord Krishna. Urmila says today Kokila is so happy and Kokila says yes her daughter has gone tl sasural and starting her new life so she is feeling good. Mansi sees Gopi doing work and thinks she has burnt others life and now she will burn. Gopi rolls puris and then Mansi smiles. Kokila does pooja and Mansi starts countdown. Gopi goes to oil and she falls down then oil bursts.

Mansi and Pramila thinks what happened. Mansi says no she wants to hear her cries. Krishna comes and asks why Gopi is crying. Pramila says lets go and check. Gopi cries that her hand burnt. Krishna says to Mansi to bring his bag. Meera thinks where is Priyal. Meera asks Shravan to have breakfast. Shravan says when home’s daughter is missing then there are some people who eat with comfort but he is not like that. Vidya ask Meera what she will get to do all this. Krishna applies medicine on her hands.

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