Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th September 2016 Written Episode Video: Jaggi Gets A Surprise Birthday Party

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Pramila says we will make Gopi go to mental asylum. Jaggi says i will beat you all. Gopi stops him and says we cannot stop them from staying here. Pramila says wow fantastic. Pramila asks Mansi to come and settle everything. Jaggi says she will not listen us. Gopi says this is not a game. Kokila says we does not have to do this. Jaggi asks his friend to go. Dharam remembers Ritesh’s words and he gets tensed. Jigar tells he has to talked to lawyer. He tells if Baa will change her will and then he cannot lend home to anyone. Kokila says this is right idea. Jigar says ok i will go to US and i had booked tickets. Gopi says i dont think this is good idea as everyone will get tensed.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Kokila says sometimes we have to take such decisions. She asks Jigar not to tell them about Jaggi as Baa will get extremely sad by losing Ahem second time. Veeru and Jai tells Jaggi is not in home. Urmila says may be he has gone out of house. Jigar says i will search him. Kokila says pack your bags and we will search him. Mansi says we came here but what we have to do. She says we have two motives. First we have to reveal truth of Ahem and he is duplicate. Krishna says if we will not find any proof. Pramila says second is we have to trouble everyone here. Meera asks Vidya to go to room. Vidya says Meera wants to go to Dharam. Naiya says she wants to take many memories with her and she wants to play antakshri. Jaggi sits and Gopi and everyone comes. Jaggi says he does not wants to eat anything and he is taking sanyas.

Sona says please don’t do like that as Jai and Veeru has not eaten something because of him. He says no i will not eat. Gopi comes and asks why you are not eating. Jaggi says why you stopped me and i would have threw them out of this house. Jaggi gets call of Urmila and she asks how is he. He says because of her she is staying here and he is so frustrated. Uravashi says do their work and come back soon. Jaggi says he will not eat anything. Urvashi scolds him and asks him to eat. Urvashi thinks she cannot tell him whats relation is with Modi bhawan. Jaggi says he will eat as food is not his enemy.

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