Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th August Written Episode Updates Recap SNS: Premila Says Gopi Is Not In Home

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Krishna asks Gopi not to wet her hands. Krishna says he will not go to America now and Gopi needs him. Gopi says no you got this chance after long time and if he will not go then she will feel guilty. Krishna says fine i will go but she has take care of herself. Krishna goes. Mansi says if you need anything then call her. Mansi looks at her angrily. Mansi says next time Gopi will not be able to save herself. Delivery man comes and gives them breakfast and Kokila says they have not ordered this. Man says address is of here. Pari says they ordered this and gives him money. Urmila asks her to see how they have changed after Gopi gone. Kokila says no may be Pari slapped Mona and thats why she ordered this to make her happy.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Naiya says now Meera and Vidya will be destroyed and she make them in that condition that they will not live properly or die properly. Naiya goes out of room an collides with Dharam. Dharam asks what is she doing here. Naiya says she came here to take out curtains but then she realised that dust is more inside. She coughs and Prakash hides in. Gopi thinks she has to call Kokila and tell her about Mansi. She tries to take phone but hurts and thinks she should not inform her as she will get tensed and come here immediately. Mansi says why she feed Gopi. Pramila says we have to move forward as we planned. Gopi sees there is no water in jug. Mansi says she will not wait.

Pramila says not to do anything. Gopi goes in kitchen and thinks how to drink water. She struggles. Mansi asks if she needs something. She says she is thirsty. Mansi says she will bring water for her. Meera thinks where is Priyal and cries. Dharam sees her and asks what happened. Dharam says whatever Meera did was good but she should tell him atleast. Meera makes excuses and says in boarding school children sleep at 9:00 am. She will make him talk to her on saturday. Meera goes to sleep but worries. Gopi takes Water from Mansi. Mansi gets call and goes out. Kokila shows jewellery to Pari to give to Gopi. Pari says we should keep these jewellery for Seeta Geeta and we will not show off in muh dikhai. Kokila becomes sad.

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