Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Manasi Asks To Cook Non Veg Dishes

Gopi and Kokila goes downstair. She asks Pramila and Mansi to switch off Tv as everyone is sleeping. Sona says Sita and Gita are not able to sleep. Pramila says this is our home and we will do whatever we want to. Kokila goes and cut the wire of Tv. Kokila says this is it and we are going. Pramila says and tries to fight. Kokila says dont try to say anything. She goes with Gopi. Jaggi goes to his home and Urvashi wishes him happy birthday and makes his favourite food. Jaggi goes back to Modi bhawan. He sees no one. Jai and Veeru puts black cloth on his eyes. Everyone has planned party for him.

Saath Nibhana SaathiyaHe gets surprised. Urmila asks him to cut the cake. He gets emotional and says its good. Jaggi locks Pramila, Mansi and Krishna in rooms. They all get scared. Krishna comes out from window and opens door of Mansi and Pramila. Urmila sees Mansi and Pramila coming out. She tells they are out of the rooms and says we should remove all this. They all take out happy birthday Jaggi poster and name written on cake. Pramila and Mansi comes and says your game is over as today is not Ahem’s birthday. I know him from ten years and definitely i remember his birthday. Urmila says you don’t know anything. Kokila tells today is Radha ashtmi and thats why they are celebrating that.

Kokila asks don’t you know this Mansi and this is very bad. Gopi says we also have to go to Suryansvanshi house for function. Kokila gets ill. Gopi says she will stay here with Kokila. Jaggi says i will bring some medicinal soup and she will get alright. Naiya asks Mayal to write R in hands of Meera. Meera had asked her to write D but she falls in conspiracy of Naiya. She goes to Dharam and asks to get ready. He fumes in anger and shouts on Meera. He says dont you know i also have brain and i can see everything. He asks what is your relation with Ritesh on my back. Meera gets shocked. In between Dharam sees R in her hands ans gets more angry.

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