Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online: Meera Shoots Vidya

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Naiya says she is waiting for driver. Vidya says she is going and she should take care of herself. Prakash holds dupatta of Naiya and Naiya asks how he came here. He says Gopi and Vidya and fighting and they even does not know that their driver is in house. Ladies taunts Pramila that why she called them there. Kokila says surely there is a reason thats why she done this. She says she will call at home and then she will search Gopi. Gopi comes suddenly and says she is here. Meera goes taking all the money and gun. Vidya also follows her. Meera thinks why he has not come here. She takes out bag and goes. Vidya sees she is going in Ajera industries and why she is taking so much of money. Vidya thinks may be Meera kept Priyal here.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Mansi brings Gopi down. Kokila thinks why Gopi did not tell her that Mansi is Krishna’s sister. Mansi says lets start rituals. Pramila asks everyone to start. Kokila prays that Gopi should get so much blessings that she will remain happy always. Mansi brings medicine and thinks Gopi is so sincere daughter in law and she will not get any of the tags. She mixes something in sweets and asks maid to give it to Gopi Bhabhi as it is specially for her. Meera finds nobody there. Vidya also follows. Pramila asks to give sweets to Gopi. Kokila smiles. Ritual starts and ladies praises Gopi as she is so beautiful.

Ladies gives her sweets. One lady gives Gopi’s sweets to Pramila and then she denies to eat. Mansi gives another sweets. Gopi feels uncomfortable . Mansi thinks now Gopi should start her drama. Gopi gets uncauntious. Pramila says now she will give sweets to Gopi. Gopi holds her hand and moves her head in air. Ladies asks what happened with her. Pramila says what is she doing. Gopi says she is not doing anything as Pramila does everything. Gopi stands up. Gopi says lets celebrate and dance. Pramila asks to stop insulting them. She thorws gifts and reacts weirdly. Kokila tries to stop her. She goes to Mansi and dances. She acts as kid. She also teases every guest. Kokila holds hands of Gopi and then slaps her. Gopi faints. Meera takes out gun. Vidhya thinks why she took gun here and she calls Shravan. Meera gets call. Pramila says sorry to all guests.

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