Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th June 2016 Episode Updates: Gopi Met Kokila In Hospital

saath nibhana saathiya

Previous telecast of Saath Nibhana Saathiya we saw that Kokila was crying as usual for Gopi and was saying that I did this just to see Gopi hapy and smiling. Dr. Krishna Rehja showed GOpi’s room to her. Gopi shoutes seeing the room decorated.

She said that she only loves Ahem Ji and how dare he is to think of spending time with her. Krishna said that this is your room and mine is of the side one. Gopi calm down and asked Krishna that why he decorated her oom ? Krishna replied that I decorated this for your welcome.

saath nibhana saathiya

Kokila moved down with a bag packed with her clothes. Kokila reminds that all the ceremony has been completed. She apologized Baa and Hetal for leaving house without informing them and she walked out of the house. While Meera wakes up from dream in which she saw herself in Dharam’s arm. Gopi recalled Ahem and threw all her jewelry in anger. Krishna came there and gave her a gift wrap. Gopi asked him that there is no need of this. Krishna asked her to open it. Gopi opened the gift and saw Ahem’s photoframe.

Krishna said that I will not come in between to her and Ahem. Kokila was moving on road thinking about Jigar and Pari’s words that Kokila she just wanted to get rid of Gopi.  Kokila got injured due to an accident and Gopi felt this and shouted for Maa Ji. Krishna came and asked what happened ?

Tonight in Saath Nibhana Saathiya we will see that Kokila will get admitted in hospital. Dr. Krishna Raheja will call Gopi and will ask her to come to the hospital quickly as Kokila is admitted here. Gopi will get panic and will rush to the hospital. She will reach there and will ask him where is Maa.

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