Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th August 2016 Written Episode Updates SNS Video: Vidya’s Condition Is Critical

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi comes in senses then she sees no one in room. She asks where are the guests and why they are not doing the rituals. Kokila asks if she does not knows. She says no tell her what happened. If she did something wrong. Pramila says rituals are over and she should go in her room and take rest. Urmila calls Kokila and asks they are coming to Gopi’s house. Kolila denies them to come as everything has finished and no need to come over here. Kokila gives Mansi the necklace for Gopi. Mansi goes upstairs and Gopi asks what happened now. She says nothing and she leaves. Gopi thinks what could be the matter as guest left earlier and Kokila was tensed. Kokila thinks why Gopi does not remember what happened and there is surely something wrong.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Mansi wears necklace of Gopi that Kokila gave her. Mansi thinks if Gopi has not interrupted in her life then she would be the wife of Ahem and she would be happy and not like she is now. She thinks Gopi has ruined her life and dreams and now she will ruin her happiness. She goes to Gopi’s room and gives her necklace. Gopi wears it and suddenly shouts. She sees blood from her neck and sees glass on back side of necklace. Kokila goes out and meets Urmila. She tells Urmila about what all happened today. Urmila tells there is something wrong for sure as Gopi cannot do this at all. Kokila thinks they have to find out. Vidya hides and Meera sees her. Vidya gets to know about kidnapping and becomes shocked. She warns Meera that she will tell Shravan and Dharam about this. Meera takes out gun and warns her to go from here. Suddenly Vidya gets shot and Meera thinks she has not triggered but how she is injured. Naiya and Prakash comes from there and watches gun from which they shot Vidya.

Meera gets call of Dharam and she cries. She tells Dharam that Vidya is injured. She tells she is taking her to hospital. Dharam says dont worry he is coming. She takes her to hospital and Meera cries badly. She asks doctor to save her sister. She regrets why this happened and why vidya did not listen her. Shravana and Dharam reaches hospital. She cries and hugs Dharam. Dharam asks how this happened. Urmila , Kokila also comes.

Kokila says Dharam told her that Vidya is shot. Meera cries. Dharam asks her to say something. She says someone has kidnapped Priyal and she came there to make her free. She tried to tell Vidya to go from there but she did not listened. Meera says to scold her she took out gun and Kokila becomes shocked. Meera says she was just trying to scare her but suddenly she shot Vidya by mistake.

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