Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th June 2016 Online Updates: Gopi Talks To Kokila

saath nibhana saathiya gopi

Last episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya showcased Dr. Krishna served breakfast to Gopi. Krishna left for office by saying that I have kept some food for you take it and eat whenever you’ll feel hungry. While on the other hand Dharam sat for breakfast along with them Shravan and Vidya was there.

Dharam asked how was the funtion of Gopi’s marriage. Vidya replied it all was tackled so nicely. Meera comes and threw the weet box. She said how dare she is to serve their mom’marriage sweet to Dharam Ji. She should be ashamed instead to attend their mom’s marriage. She yells at him and said that from today Gopi is not her mother and also Kokila Modi will not be her grandmother. She broke all the relations with them.

saath nibhana saathiya gopi

Ahem sits for breakfast and asked about Kokila. Monica said that she is not at home. May be she left home as she wanted to pay for her sins. Jigar shouted on Pari and asked that how can she let Kokila leave the house. Dr. Krihsna Raheja called Gopi and informed her that Kokil had a road accident and now she is in hospital. He asked Gopi to come fast.

Monica said that her Maaji left home. She called Pari and heard Pari saying that they are not linked with Kokila now. Gopi scolds her and asked Pari to control her Bahu.

Tonight in Saath Nibhana Saathiya we will see that Gopi will ask bedroidden Kokila that what happened to her. She Will move to Modi Bhavan and Jigar will told went somewhere. Kokila will come in consiousness and will say that she is ok and this all was her mistake. Urmila will ask her not to lie to Gopi. Keep catching more updates on The News Recorder. Stay tuned for more updates like this.

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