Saath Nibhana Saathiya: 17th September 2016 Episode Urvashi Meets With An Accident


Jaggi thinks he will teach Mansi a lesson. Mansi goes to breakfast table. She takes up sandwich and finds pieces of CD. She shouts what is this and how this came in her breakfast. Jaggi says what happened. He says oh.. that CD. I was making breakfast for me and thought i should prepare for you also. He says i was searching this Cd from long time and this is with you amazing. Mansi gets very angry and shouts. He says now your Cd broke so you should not practice aerobics now. Mansi goes and fumes in anger. Vidya asks Dharam to talk to Meera as she is her wife and he should manage her. He says fine.

saath-nibhana-saathiyaDharam goes in Meera’s room and sees she is tucking saree but is not able to do that as her hands are injured. He says i will help you. Meera says no i will do my works on my own. He forcefully takes pin and tucks her saree. He smiles looking at her but Meera becomes angry. He goes. Vidya asks what happened if Meera is ok now. He says no she is so angry and not listening anything. Jai and Veeru comes to Jaggi and asks him to see his birthday video. Jaggi gets happy and praises Jai and Veeru. They keeps phone on bed and goes. Pramila comes and takes up phone. She sees video and gets to know that he is Jaggi and not Ahem as Jaggi was written on cake.

She takes phone and thinks i have to tell this to Mansi. She goes out and Jaggi stops her. He asks her to give phone. She says no. Jai and Veeru pushes skateboard to her and she falls. Phone also falls. Sona picks up that. She throws that to Molu. Then Molu throws it to Tolu. Then Krishna comes and tries to take the phone. Mansi snatches phone and then Gopi takes it from her. She gives to Jaggi. Jaggi asks Krishna to take phone if he dare. He says i will break this phone using bat. Phone breaks. Jaggi asks if anyone needs it now. Urvashi calls Jaggi but it goes switched off and then she calls at landline. Mansi picks up the phone.

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