Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Investigation On Meera

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Pramila tells Gopi that her phone is damaged as a cat came and dropped water on it. Gopi becomes sad and says its fine. She goes to her room. Police takes Meera and asks questions from her. He asks you shot Vidya. Meera denies and says she has not done anything. ACP Sees her. Naiya and Prakash also sees from cctv and Naiya smiles as now both sisters are out of her way now. They will die soon. Prakash says yes our plan is successful. Gopi makes tea for Pramila and Mansi and gives them. They switches on the tv. News comes that a sister shot another sister and her daughter is missing. Gopi watches news and becomes shocked. She shouts Vidya.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

She asks Pramila does she knows about this. Pramila says no she doesnot know and may be Urmila called them but signal was weak. Gopi runs towards hospital. She reaches hospital and asks from nurse where is Vidya’s room. Nurse denies to tell as this is criminal case and we are not allowed to tell you. Gopi says she is her mother and she wants to meet her at any cost. Nurse says i cannot do anything and you should meet police as only they can tell you. She goes to police station and asks Why Meera done this. She shouts on her that if Vidya will not become safe then she will not consider her as her daughter again.

Urmila tells that she went to Gopi’s house and no one was there at home. Kokila says how it is possible and everybody cannot go out at same time. They both walks out. Kokila sees Krishna in taxi and wonders how is he here. She tells Urmila that she has seen Krishna here and he has not gone to America. Urmila says no this cannot happen and for sure she has mistaken someone else. Kokila doubts Krishna. She thinks why he has said lie to us and what is he doing here. There is something suspicious in this matter. Acp tells that Meera has did this or not, we will get this after Vidya will come in senses and before that we cannot say anything. Gopi reaches hospital and cries. Kokila prays to Lord Krishna that please take care of Vidya and make her good soon. Vidya comes in senses. Kokila asks Gopi to see Vidya. Kokila tells that Lord Krishna cannot do anything wrong with good people.

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