Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th October 2016 Written Episode Updates SNS: Jaggi & Gopi Fall On Bed

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

In the last episode Kokila took Gopi to her room and asked to have medicine. Kakila said that she has to be independent and doesn’t have to take help from anyone. Kokila took sindhoor from Gopi’s hands and said that just because a man applies sindhoor on woman’s forehead, they don’t become husband and wife. She said that Gopi has to stop taking help from Jaggi. Urvashi told to Jaggi that they are here because of Parag and he should not mingle with other family members.

Saath Nibhana SaathiyaJaggi said to Urvashi that he is really loving Gopi while acting as her husband. Urvashi shocked to listen him. Prakash entered Dharam’s house via window and walked towards Naiya’s room. He saw Vidya and Meera was coming and hide. Meera came from behind and twisted his ear and said that why did he came when Dharam warned him not to meet Naiya before marriage. Naiya came and acted as shocked seeing him. Urmila asked Kokila that why she is so tensed. Kokila said that she is worried about Gopi’s future.

Kokila said that earlier she got Gopi married to Krishna but Gopi had to suffer and now she will not do the same mistake with Jaggi. She said that the truth is Jaggi is Parag’s son and not Gopi’s husband. Jaggi came to Gopi’s room and asked her to get well soon. Pari and Mona brought saris for family ladies and Pari said that she wants to celebrate karvachauth this time. Pari said that Urvashi will explain rituals to them.

In today’s episode Gopi’s dupatta gets sucked into vacuum pipe when Jaggi switches on Vacuum cleaner. Jaggi tries to pull the dupatta and They both fall on bed.

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