Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st October 2016 Written Episode Updates: Premila Says She Will Give Papers

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Mansi becomes worried and thinks what she should do. Pramila goes to her and says my daughter Gopi is trying to make you mad and she wants to send you to mental asylum. Mansi says what non sense and took out papers from that locker. She saya yes i took out as they went to take them. Mansi says you please go otherwise i will figth with you. Pramila gets shocked.Dharam comes to Vidya home. He becomes happy to see Rasmalai. Vidya and Meera becomes emotional to see Dharam and remembers Ahem. Jaggi says i came here to meet Vidya and Meera. Sona says we have twenty four hours and what we will do. Urmila says we will do something.

Saath Nibhana SaathiyaGopi thinks where is Jaggi. Jaggi appears then. He comes bringing something. He says his is for you. Everyone becomes shocked to see them. Gopi sees red lehenga. Jaggi asks what happened i thought you will be happy. Gopi says what is this and what you want to prove by giving this. Jaggi says this lehenga is not for you but For Mansi. He says i went to Meera and Vidya for some idea. Jaggi says we will give this lehenga to Mansi and then i will tell what we have to do. Gopi smiles. Meera do hairdo of Priyal. She loves Priyal. Dharam sees them.

Vidya asks Priyal to drink hot chocolate and she goes. Vidya gives Dharam the card of wedding. He becomes happy. He says he doesnot believe that Naiya will be married and then go. Dharam becomes emotional. Meera also cries. Vidya goes to Meera and gives her card. Meera says nothing and goes. Jaggi becomes ready as Ahem. Urmila gives bluetooth to Ahem. Mansi cries and says please Ahem come back and i am waiting. She goes out of the room. Gopi places lehenga in room of Mansi and writes a letter. Mansi sees letter and lehenga. Meera applies lotion on hands of Vidya. Vidya says why you dont do anything about Naiya as she is trying to destroy your relation.

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