Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st September 2016 Episode Written Updates Live: Premila Comes To Modi Bhavan

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi runs. Ward boys runs and catches her. Gopi goes in room and prays to help her. She hides herself in room number 302. Mansi gets call of Pramila. She asks where is she. She says she is going to party. Krishna says we cannot kill Gopi otherwise we will be in trouble. Mansi says no she has to die. She cuts the phone. Ward boys searches Gopi. She looks in room and sees a loop hanging from fan. She becomes scared. Mansi calls doctor and asks her to kill Gopi and not to wait for her. They all tries to open door. Gopi asks them to go away otherwise she will kill her. She pleads and asks to go. Kokila sits before temple. Urmila and Sona comes. Ward boys asks her to hang.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Urmila asks Kokila to eat something otherwise she will get ill. Kokila says no till when Gopi will come back till she will not eat anything. Urmila says no one went to bring Gopi then how will she Come. Kokila says she will come and Lord Krishna has to take her as this is their battle. Gopi faints. Jaggi goes in mental hospital and saves Gopi. He becomes shocked to see her. He fights with ward boys. He asks his friends to take Gopi in hospital. He beats all of them and goes. Doctor stops him. He fights a ward boy comes with injection but he sees him and injects injection to him. Jaggi takes Gopi up and says he will drop Gopi to her home. Vidya says Meera never halfed the sorrows but she wanted to give all sorrows to her. Meera ssys she knows one thing when Priyal was kidnapped then she was so scared and was mad to find her.

Meera folds her hands and says sorry. She asks her to forgive her. Vidya says only on one condition that she will never consider her as alone and if she has some problem then she has to share and we will solve every problem. We are family and you have right on us. Meera hugs her. Dharam and Shravan becomes happy. Prakash says they all are together now and we will not able to make our plan successful. Naiya says let them be happy and she will not stay quiet till her revenge will be over. Jaggi takes Gopi home. Jai and Veeru gets happy. Urmila comes and becomes happy to see Gopi. She asks Kokila to come and see Gopi is here. Kokila thanks Lord Krishna. She asks Jaggi you went. Jaggi says now she took her and Gopi is so heavy. He takes her to room. Urmila says you are our hero. Jaggi says thank my mother as she convinced me.

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