Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Star Plus: Gopi Is In Danger

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Krishna comes downstairs. Kokila also comes to house. Kokila asks where was he yesterday. He says i was here. Kokila says he said he is going to America and then why he is here. Pramila gets angry and says if you are doubting you. Kokila says you were going to live in America for one week. Krishna says i will show you my passport. Gopi murmures that no. Pramila becomes angry and says there is no need and you have not to do anything like this. Krishna says he is handling this. He also says he has to come here as emergency was there in hospital and its his mistake that he did not tell anyone about this. He says he will bring his passport.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

ACP goes to Vidya and asks who shot her. She says there was someone else. ACP asks who was there try to tell but Vidya gets out of senses. ACP says he was right that this case is not as simple as that and Meera is not telling lie. Pramila says what drama is this if Kokila is doubting Krishna. Krishna shows her passport. Kokila says she has done a big mistake. Pramila says she does not trusts anyone except Gopi. Krishna asks her to cool down as his mistake is that he should have called Gopi. Pramila says don’t change the topic. She shouts why Kokila doubted him and if she wants to know where was Krishna as today is raksha bandhan and he came for his sister. Kokila folds her hands and says sorry as she does not wanted to doubt them.

Krishna says no does not say like this. Kokila leaves. Gopi becomes shocked. Krishna says he will come then we will go to see Vidya. Doctor tells Vidya is so weak and we are hoping she will come in senses soon. Dharam asks if Vidhya told anything. Acp says no she did not tell anything. Naiya says she will come back. Shravan says everything is because of Meera. Dharam says he is thinking wrong as they are real sisters as she cannot try to kill her. Dharam hugs her and says keep calm and we don’t have another choice. Acp thinks everyone loves each other in this house then who can be. Krishna tells he has to go to hospital and he is leaving car so as she can go to Vidya. Woman constable comes and tells Naiya that Vidya said someone else was also there at that place. Prakash says Vidya will never wake up now.

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