Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st August 2016 Written Updates (SNS): Gopi Complains To Krishna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

ACP says someone wants to kill Vidya but there is no problem as every criminal left some proof for sure. He says to bring CCTV footage. He asks Molu if he has seen his face. He says no he was wearing Ward boy clothes. ACP says now criminal will not be safe. Kokila worries.

He goes out and sees clothes of ward boy. He thinks that person was not safe in his original clothes. Shravan says he doesn’t know who wants to kill Vidya. Dharam asks to see the footage. Footage starts. Prakash was the man came in those clothes. Molu says he don’t know where he ran away. Another boy shows that he did not see anyone going out of the hospital. ACP says he has not gone out of the hospital so he is here. Naiya says Vidya is alone and she is going to see her.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Prakash stops Naiya. Naiya says they are safe now. She asks who gave you plan of the hospital. He shows a map of the hospital and she says our destiny is good. Prakash says Vidya is alive. Krishna talks with Kokila and he says don’t worry as Vidya will get well soon. He asks about Priyal. Kokila asks Krishna to make her talk to Gopi. He says she is fine and sleeping as she wakes up then he will bring Gopi to her. Mansi prepares some injection and injects it in apple. She smiles and Pramila comes and asks what is this.

Mansi says she is so boring and they are helping Gopi. She says Gopi be ready as her journey of madness is starting. Dharam shouts at Police that why Meera is not getting bail. ACP says no she cannot get bail and real murderer are not in jail till now.

Gopi wakes up and Mansi gives her apple. Gopi says she doesn’t want to eat. Pramila says if she will not eat then what will she say to Kokila. Pramila asks her to eat and become fit and fine. She eats. Gopi finds herself locked in a room and she shouts for help. Kokila wakes up and thinks how is Gopi. Urmila asks not to worry as Krishna is with her and he will take care of her.

Pramila and Mansi watch Tv and ignores Gopi. Mansi says let her shouts and now she has to go to a mental asylum. Mansi says now to get her out. She open box in which Gopi is. She asks how she came here. She calls Pramila to come. Pramila asks what happened. Gopi slaps Mansi. Pramila says how dare she slap her. Gopi says if they thought she is mad and she knows what they are trying to do. She tells that she knew that they both planned this

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