Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Video SNS: Kokila Comes To Meet Gopi

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi goes out of the house and Pramila starts to stop her. She runs and says she is not an innocent girl now. She has senses and she sees everything and they are trying to make her mad. Pramila warns her not to step out of the house. She says i will go. She goes but She collides with Krishna. She says its good that you came. Gopi tells that may be you will not believe me but its true that his Mother and sister are telling lie and wants to make her mad. Krishna stands and looks on. She continues to stay everything. He does not reacts. Suddenly he pushes Gopi and she collides with chair. Her blood flows. She looks shockingly. ACP gets call and lady constable listens it. He says its good that they got to know about Priyal.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Lady calls someone and ACP sees her talking to someone. He goes to Meera. Meera asks if he knew something. He says no but he has threw a trap and we will see criminal will be trapped in this or not. Meera says what she cannot understand. He talks to Meera and Lady hears. Meera says she will also go with him and see Priyal. He says ok but don’t interfere with police work. Gopi sits tied in chair. Krishna asks why she is so shocked and he is brother of Mansi. His life resides in mother and sister not in her. He says he can do anything for them. He says Pramila told me right thing. Pramila says leave her and you have to go to meet Kokila and show her that Gopi is so happy here and they are going to honeymoon.

Mansi says his shoes are so dirty and asks him to wear another shoes. He goes. Mansi and Pramila scolds her. She says she has to make Kokila fool. Mansi says we have to tie her mouth. Pramila hurts her. Gopi thinks she has to do something. Lady reaches to Prakash and tells police can come here anytime. ACP and Meera reaches there. Acp asks Meera to stay in car and he will check. Prakash tries to escape and thinks how he came here. ACP runs. Prakash hides and thinks this all was to trap him.

Gopi sees iron nail lying on ground. She tries to make herself free. She prays for help and thinks she has to tell Kokila anyhow. She makes herself free and takes up iron nail. She ties herself again and Krishna comes. He wears another shoes. She thinks she has to do something. She coughs. Krishna asks what happened. He gives her water. Krishna says they will kill her. Gopi throws water on his shoes. He wears another shoes. Prakash throws stone on earthen pot and distracts Acp and runs. Meera hits him and becomes shocked to see Prakash. Meera takes up Priyal. Krishna asks Gopi to talk normally with Kokila.

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