Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd September 2016: Premila Shouts Seeing Colored Hair

Gopi sees black thread in her neck. She remembers this is of Jaggi.  Urmila goes to Jaggi and asks him to eat parantha. Jaggi says I will not eat as you were saying bad for me. Urmila says that was a blessing. Jaggi says Urvashi did well as she came here. He says those Krishna and Mansi are cunning.

Pari comes and tells Jigar called and told me that he has to stay in America as Baa is so ill. Jaggi says I will have to stay here and this is punishment for me. Urmila says he has to do something. Urmila says we went to steal papers of property. Pramila listens to them. Urmila says they lives here now and we can easily steal.

gopiJaggi sees Pramila and she runs away. Jaggi becomes scared . Pramila goes to Mansi and tells they are planning to steal papers of the mansion. Mansi says don’t worry they cannot find those papers as they are not here. She says she has hidden them there where Modi family cannot reach. Someone knocks.

They see and no one was there. Mansi sees Jaggi hid under a tree. She goes him. Mansi asks what’s your problem and why you are listening to our talks. He says Pramila was also listening to our conversation. Mansi says we have to be alert. Pramila says tell me where are papers. She says I will write it in notepad. Pramila reads that and Mansi burns that papers.

Jaggi says he is smarter than them. He goes in the room and sees they have burnt  page. He thinks whatever she wrote might be that impression came on another page. He comes and tries to read. Jaggi says he came to know that this locker no 336. Urmila gets happy. She asks how you searched this.

He says I am so smart. Mansi says everything will be destroyed here. Urvashi calls Jaggi. She scolds him that he misplaced black thread. Gopi brings that black thread. Jaggi becomes happy to see and thanks her. Gopi asks him to give thread and she will just come. She ties red thread with black thread. She says this became weak and now it will not break. She gives him a new phone. Mansi tells she has sold half Modi Mansion.

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