Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap SNS: Gopi Shocked Seeing Ahem

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Meera and Acp goes to home. They tells that Priyal is back. Vidya takes Priyal and becomes happy to see her. Acp tells that do you know who did all this. Dharam asks who. Acp tells your driver Prakash did all this. Everyo becomes shocked. Dharam asks but why. Acp says we will ask him and interrogate him. Naiya becomes sad and thinks she has to make Prakash free at any cost. Meera says sorry to Vidya. Vidya says she doesnot wants sorries of Meera as she has already done so many things with her. Dharam takes Meera and says we should give Vidya some time. Kokila goes to Gopi’s home.Kokila asks where is Gopi. Pramila says Krishna and Gopi has went to Honeymoon. Doctor says now Gopi has experienced many shocks and now its not good to give more. Mansi says now we will take Gooi to mental asylum. Kokila shouts she has to meet Gopi anyhow. She shouts Gopi and Mansi and Krishna becomes cautious. Prmila asks why she is not trusting her. Kokila says she is a mother and till when she will see Gopi with her eyes till then she will not believe. Pramila says ok find her everywhere. Mansi takes Gopi out of the room and hides. Kokila goes in rokm and searches.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Mansi along with Gopi and nurses hides. Pramila asks if you find her and she starts blackmailing her emotionally. She says she keeps Gopi on her eyes and loves her so much. Kokila again says Gopi and asks please give address of Gopi. Pramila says they are gone for honeymoon. Kokila asks tell me the place. Pramila murmures and Kokila doubts her. Pramila says if she would have knew that Kokila will ask so many questions then she will get to know about this from Krishna. Pramila thinks Kokila has harmed her daughter and now she will destroy Her daughter too. Mansi and Krishna smiles seeing Gopi in hospital.

Mansi says she was waiting for her here. She says she has brought this for her. Mansi says she has spent two years on this chair and now its her turn. Kokila talks to Urmila and tells her everything. Gopi sits on chair. Gopi says please let me go. Doctor operates machine. Kokila mets with an accident and she falls on ground. People surrounds her. A lady comes. Krishna gets call and gets to know that work has been done. Krishna says Kokila cannot help her now as she also needs help of someone now. Urmila prays that Kokila and Gopi both are missing. Sona asks not to cry

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