Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th July 2016 Episode Updates: Pramila Warned Gopi

saath nibhana saathiya

The Serial saath nibhana saathiya is getting nice views from the audience there is no doubt people are having nice review regarding this serial. After the leap serial has come at point where every one’s nature has changed towards each other as we have seen that after the death of ahem gopi got shocked and she was unable to response anyone.

In the middle of all this there was a doctor who help kokila to make gopi fine. As Doctor krishna does all the possible thing to bring her in consciousness. At the time when krishna and gopi was getting marry she gets fine and stop the marriage but after compelling she got ready to marry krishna.

saath nibhana saathiya

It was very hard to accept for everyone gopi and krishna but while the passing time gopi too accepted this. Jigar and pari was not agree to let them stay in modi bhavan and said to leave the house but gopi said why should leave this house as I’m also the member of this house.

It was a big argue among all them but and pari said to prove herself. Gopi took the challenge and start her new business where she hire some ladies for her business. They prepare some samples to show investors and whole sellers.

It was very tough task for gopi but she didn’t lose her hope and keep on doing thing which can prove her to show every one. There was so many hassles she faced during standing her business but at the end she got success in her task and proved herself.

As we saw today Jigar was getting shout on Gopi and telling her to leave this house as premila saw everything and said i don’t like anyone shouts on my bahu and its for the last time she has seen this if anyone will do it again ill take you to my home permanently

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