Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th August 2016 Episode Written Updates SNS Recap: Ahem Is Alive And Back

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Urmila cries and says Gopi and Kokila is missing. Sona says everything will be fine. Urmila prays to protect Kokila and Gopi. Gopi lies on chair. Some rally of lord Krishna goes from hospital and Gopi opens her eyes. Everyone enjoys. Gopi remembers how Krishna slapped her and this was their plan. Naiya reaches to jail to meet Naiya. Prakash stands up to see her. Naiya cries and says he has to bear all this. Prakash asks Naiya to go. He says dont worry i will not take your name. Naiya says she does not worries about that and worries only for him. Ward boy comes and Gopi hits him. He faints. Gopi goes out of ward. A lady says see she is running. A lady holds her hand and bites her. Wardon comes.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi sees her but goes in staff changing room. Naiya says she will make him out of this jail. Acp watches her and thinks what is she doing here. Naiya says she will come tomorrow again. Acp puts his head down and acts he has not seen anything. Acp says Naiya came to jail to meet Prakash and she is involved in this case. He says this case is so puzzled and he has to investigate. Gopi changes her dress and goes. Nurse sees Ward boy fainted and asks where is patient. They searches her. A boy says she is running wearing staff clothes. They runs towards her but she manages to run.

Dharam shouts on Acp. Acp says dont shout and Naiya is involved in this case and they have to arrest her. Dharam says why she will do that. Meera says she can do this as whatever she did Naiya helped her. Infact when she went to give money then she gave revolver to her. He shouts Naiya. Naiya comes. Gopi runs and reaches. Acp asks if she helped Prakash in kidnapping of Priyal. She says it is true. Dharam becomes shocked. He shouts why. She says because she loves him. Dharam slaps her. He says you love that person who kidnapped Priyal for money. She says he did this for their future and he wants money to marry her. Shravan asks why. Naiya says she can do anything for Prakash.

Dharam says he will not leave Prakash. She takes up knife and says she will die if they will do like that. Vidya asks to leave knife. She cuts her hand. A man comes and dances in jhanki of Lord krishna. Kokila gets up and sees a lady that saved her. She slaps her and says how dare she to take her to house.

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