Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th September 2016 Written Ep: Jaggi Acts Like Ahem Modi

Urmila says Ahem is not so filmy. Gopi says yes Mansi didn’t notice that and otherwise we will be trapped. Gopi says Ahem was  never  good to express himself. Jaggi says Mansi is not so fooled and we have to think something different. Jaggi says lets cut the cake. Mansi holds the knife and thinks of Ahem.

Urmila says now she is shocked. Her hand’s shivers. Mansi throws a knife. She asks who ordered this cake. Pramila asks what happened. Krishna says I ordered this. Pramila says what is wrong with her. Gopi smiles. Mansi calls the bakery and asks the cake which they delivered for Mansi Raheja and who designed that cake.

saath-nibhana-saathiyaHe says Krishna ordered that but after he left then a man came who gave design. She asks to about him. He says a man came he was tall and smart wearing suit and he designed a cake with very affection. Mansi thinks how is this possible. Gopi calls Meera. She says I think this is working. Meera says yes this is good. She tells that every year Dad used to  make Cake for Mansi and writes Happy birthday Mansi. Jaggi says you both should be here. Urmila says yes Mansi cannot think anything. Gopi says I believe that Mansi will realise that Ahem has come

Mansi thinks what bakery man told me that resembles with Ahem. Pramila asks what happened. Mansi says I did not take medicine that’s why she came to take medicine. Gopi says now we will get to know our plan is working or not. Pramila brings Mansi. Mansi says I am feeling good that you all are here for my cake cutting.

Jaggi says to cut the cake fast . Mansi lighten up the candles. Urmila thinks why she is so calm. Krishna gives the cake to Mansi. Sona says how Mansi is behaving well. Mansi asks Jai and Veeru to come and gives them a cake. Jai and Veeru wish her. Mansi asks Gopi and everyone to come and take the cake. Gopi says happy birthday to her. She thinks how she has changed. Meera sleeps. She gets a headache. Dharam comes to her. Vidya comes and gives Meera water.

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