Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th June 2016: Pari Decides To Not Let Kokila & Gopi Live With Peace

saath nibhana saathiya gopi

Gopi cries badly and thinks how can her family change like this. Kokila comes and says its not time to cry. She has to be brave and become like Arjun and fight. As Arjun fought with his own brothers and relatives for truth and justice she also has to fight against Pari and Jigar who were her favourite and now lost their real path.

Vidya prepares cake for Priyal’s birthday by using biscuits and milk. Meera sees her making cake and gets angry to see her making cake without her help. She thinks Vidya is so selfish as she is celebrating her daughter’s birthday by killing her child.

saath nibhana saathiya gopi

Gopi gets ready for Priyal’s birthday party. Kokila prays in temple and asks Lord Krishna to support Gopi and make her successful. Krishna also comes. He asks can he go with Gopi to birthday party of Priyal. Gopi leaves without saying anything.

Kokila smiles and says its a green signal and you should go. He follows Gopi. Urmila dresses as Kashmiri girl in boat and Sona comes and asks if she will have kashmiri pulav today but becomes shocked to see her in that look. She also looks her children as Kashmiri girls and asks what is it.
She asks why they have done so. Urmila tells Jai and Veeru’s friends have gone to Kashmir and they are enjoying vacations in their home itself. Sona gives her apple but it was fake. Sona tells fake cannot be real and asks if she has wished Priyal. Urmila tells yes she has wished her before. Vidya brings Priyal in birthday dress . Everyone becomes happy to see her. They sees that house is decorated and gift are kept. Vidya asks if Shravan has done so. He denies. Dharam also denies. Meera comes and tells she has done all this for Priyal and she hugs her. Everyone looks shocked.

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