Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th September 2016 Written Episode: Mansi Asks Ahem To Push Gopi

Mansi thinks that he is really Ahem. Pramila comes. Mansi tells her. Pramila says how is that possible. She says I saw her. Pramila asks where is he now. She says she will come back. Pramila says fine I will sleep with you and when he comes back then I will see to it. They both sleeps.

Gopi and Urmila sees and Gopi says this is a problem for us as Pramila slept with Mansi. Jaggi says don’t worry we will do something. He takes chloroform and puts on a handkerchief. He and Urmila go to a room of Mansi. Jaggi puts a handkerchief on the mouth of Pramila.

gopiThen he throws handkerchief and it falls on Urmila. Urmila gets uncauntious. Urmila shouts on Jaggi that why he threw that on her and she wakes up having a headache. Prakash goes to Ritesh and he starts his plan. He says see How bad state is of Meera. He tells that she married a person of the age of her father.

He is torturing Meera. Ritesh gets sad. He thinks I will make Meera out of this trouble. Naiya and Prakash smiles. Jaggi says I will not lose so easily. He says I will do something. He wears clothes of Ahem and goes in Room of Mansi. He calls her name. Mansi wakes up and becomes happy to see him.

Mansi tells that I am selling half of the Modi bhawan. He says why and this Modi bhawan has my memories if you want to destroy my memories then you can sell this. Mansi says no I don’t want to sell your memories but I will destroy Gopi. Ahem says do hell with Gopi and I don’t care about her but think of Kokila.

Pramila wakes up and he runs and hides. Mansi shouts on her and said because of you Ahem went. Pramila says where is he. She calls Krishna. Krishna comes and ties her and gives her injection. He thinks she has become mad again and we have to take her to a mental asylum. Pramila says she starting seeing things again.

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