Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th September 2016 Written Episode: Urmila And Gopi Make Plan

Urmila gives earphone to Jaggi and says we will talk on this secretly. Jaggi becomes happy. Urmila says when I will feel that you are overacting then I will bring you down. Mansi sees Ahem. Ahem/ Jaggi says there is a wall between us. Sahir and Urmila listens. Urmila says stop your overacting.  Ahem says I know that you love me a lot.

Mansi says that we and no one can stop us from the meeting. Gopi comes there saying that she has not talked to Meera and Vidya. Mansi sees Gopi. She says bad words for her. Mansi says you said that you love me a lot and you can not stay without me so you have to prove it.

gopiMansi asks Ahem to push Gopi. Everyone gets shocked. Mansi says then no one will be in between us. Mansi says what are you thinking. Jaggi thinks what is this and now he is trapped. Mansi asks if you will do this. Jaggi walks forth towards Gopi. Jaggi thinks if he will not push then Mansi will come to know that he is Jaggi.

Gopi sees Jaggi coming and starts looking on the phone. She thinks why Jaggi is coming here. Jaggi thinks and says forgive me Gopi. He lifts his hand and pushes her. Gopi falls on the ground. Mansi thinks now Gopi will die.  Urmila keeps mattress there. Sahir and Urmila take Gopi up. Ahem says now you believe.

He says I was yours and I will be yours. He disappears. Pramila comes. Mansi thinks when Pramila comes then Ahem disappears. Mansi tells her that Gopi fell from the balcony. Pramila asks if you did this. Urmila goes to Gopi. Gopi was injured. Gopi says now Mansi believes that Jaggi is Ahem. Gopi says I am feeling bad as we are playing with emotions of Mansi.

Urmila says don’t think like this as if she loved Ahem then she would not have thought to trouble us. Mansi comes there and Urmila sees her and over reacts that Gopi is so injured. Urmila says take her to the hospital. Urmila asks how you fell from there. Tolu and Molu take her up

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