Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th August 2016 Episode Written Updates SNS Online: Jaggi Becomes Ahem

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Kokila says she has an offer for Urvashi. She comes in shock. Urvashi says ok lets do it. Jaggi gives money to Urvashi. He sees Kokila and asks why you came here and he asks her to go. Kokila says please listen to me. Urvashi says she is like her big sister and you have to listen her. Urvashi says this work can be only done by Jaggi. Jaggi says he can do it. Kokila says this is not as easy as you are thinking. She shows Ahem photo to him. He gets shocked and says his photo and what is this doing in her phone. He asks he never wore these clothes. Kokila says he is her child Ahem. Jaggi says he look like him. He asks Urvashi if he went to kumbh mela. Kokila says she will tell him everything but he has to go to her house first. Jaggi asks if you sold me to her. Urvashi says no she wants to take you for special reason and you will get good things there.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Jaggi says he will think then he will say. Urvashi says Jaggi is so naughty and now destiny will decide what to do. Kokila becomes sad. Kokila comes home. Urvashi asks where were you. She tells she went to try to save Gopi and this is their last hope. Urvashi asks who will save our Gopi. Suddenly Urmila gets shocked. Kokila asks what happened. They all see Jaggi there. Gopi lies on bed and Mansi comes to her. Gopi holds her hand tightly. Kokila asks Jaggi. Veeru says he is Ahem dada. Jaggi says you will not welcome me. Kokila says bring aarti thali. He says how old fashioned you are. He starts music and starts dancing. She says she welcomes every guest with aarti.

Urmila does aarti. Jaggi goes to temple and does aarti. All becomes happy. Urmila cries. Kokila gives her prashad. Urmila asks if he is hungry. He says she will go and cook for him. He says he likes lassi and paranthe. Gopi prays to save her and give her strength to come out of the hospital. Acp says Naiya is responsible. He says if she remember that lady constable which she gave money and she is ready to give statement. Dharam says he will not give bail to her. Naiya says why. Dharam says Prakash and Naiya did wrong with Shravan and Vidya and they will decide what to do with Them. Jaggi switches on Tv and says he will watch TV and then eat food. Veeru also sits with Jaggi and asks if he likes cartoon. Kokila says this miracle or game of destiny that face is same but personality is different. She says we have to control our emotions as he is not our Ahem. Urmila says yes he is not Ahem. Acp arrests Naiya

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