Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd October 2016 Written Episode Updates SNS: Gopi Searching House Papers

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Mansi says you will get your papers but you have to come with me Ahem. Gopi worries. She takes him to mandap. He becomes shocked to see pandit. Mansi says today is the day when we are going to be together. Gopi gows to Urmila and Kokila. She says Mansi is marrying Jaggi. They gets shocked. Gopi says Pramila has asked Mansi to do marriage then she will give the papers. Now Mansi has took Jaggi to lawn and pandit had come. Kokila says we have tp stop them. Krishna locks them in room. He says tit for tat. Gopi says someone locked the door.

Saath Nibhana SaathiyaMansi says i will come in your world. Pramila gives her jaimala. She takes up. Jaggi looks on shocked. Mansi asks him to take that Jaimala. Urmila listens on phone. Jaggi thinks he will be targeted. Jaggi’s bluetooth falls on floor. Pramila destroys that. Urmila says what we will do now. Gopi says we have to go out from here and stop this marriage. Shr looks at window. She asks Sahir to check the window. He sees and tries to open. He says window is jammed and little space is there. Sahir asks Jai to go and open the door. He says i will go.

Jaggi thinks his bluetooth also fell and what will happen now. Pandit asks him to come for phere. He becomes worried and looks here and there. Pramila smiles. Jai goes out and open the door. Everybody goes out. Pramila asks to do sindoor vidhi. Pandit says ok take up the sindoor. Jaggi looks on shocked. Mansi asks him to apply sindoor. Urmila and everyone come. Mansi asks what are you thinking Ahem. She says our dream will be fulfilled now. She says please do it fast. Jaggi throws sindoor. Mansi gets shocked. Jaggi shouts i am not Ahem. He says my name is Jaggi. Pramila asks her to see she was saying the same. Mansi cries and says i was about to die. She shouts why you cheated me. She takes up wood with fire. She ssys i will kill you. Kokila asks Mansi to drop that. Gopi takes that wood and throws.

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