Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap SNS: Krishna Drags Gopi

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Mansi asks Doctor how dare she to become so irresponsible and Gopi left because of her. Pramila reaches hospital and slaps Mansi. She says you left taking medicines of mental asylum. Jai and Veeru says they wants to learn dance. They starts music and Jaggi tells them how to dance. He says he watchs Remo Dsouza show and learn from there. Acp calls Meera and says you have to come to police station as there is some important thing. Meera reaches there and asks what happened. He says we got to know that again someone from your family tries to shoot Vidya and not you. Meera becomes shocked and says i will co operate with you. Prakash listens them talking. Acp goes out with Meera and then comes in. CBI officers comes and catches his bike. They starts searching something. They finds drugs in this and says what is this inspector so now you are arrested. He tries to tell he didnot do anything and there is something wrong in it. Praksh sees it and smiles. Naiya calls her and they starts talking.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Gopi wakes up and and becomes shocked to see herself in room. She asks how did she came here. Kokila smiles and says an angel came into our lives and he saved you. Gopi becomes shocked. Jaggi plays with Jai and Veeru. Gopi and Kokila comes down and Gopi sees Jaggi. She becomes emotional and asks what is it. Kokila says he is not our Ahem but destiny is playing with us. He just looks like our Ahem and he is Jaggi. She tells she is son of her friend and he saved her. Gopi goes and Jaggi turns. Gopi falls and Jaggi holds her. Jaggi says he is going to home now. Kokila asks him to stay with us one month. He says no i cannot.

Jaggi goes in his room and packs his bag. Gopi seed him and again falls. Jaggi says why you came here. Meera gives gift to Naiya. Naiya takes jewellery and thinks how rudely Meera used to behave when she took her jewellery. Meera says she is feeling guilty what she did to Naiya but she knows now and not to anything like this again. Naiya looks in anger.

Meera says she is so excited for marriage of Prakash and Naiya and says we will do lots of shopping together and enjoy a lot. Krishna comes to Modi bhawan with lawyer and Police. He says Gopi is his wife and his patient since five years. He says she is mentally unstable and he is treating her.

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