Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Video: Kokila Convinces Jaggi

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Naiya says she cannot see Shrvan happy. She says half life wad destroyed by Meera and she snatched her mother by her and her mother loved her so much and she also had to go to jail. She has no one left in her life then Prakash came in her life then she decided to take revenge from everyone but now she feels guilty and did this much wrong to her family. She bends down and says sorry. Jaggi sees Ahem’s video. Jaggi takes Laptop in bathroom and drops laptop in water. Everyone becomes shocked. Kokila remembers that scene when Gopi also did like this. Urmila says laptop is destroyed. Kokila asks what to do now. Kokila brings clothes. Jaggi says he does  not wears this type of clothes.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Jaggi runs and says he will not wear. Veeru catches him. Kokila thinks she has to call Urvashi. Kokila tells he is not listening anyone. She says what she do to make him listen to things. Shravan takes Naiya up and says sorry to all of them. He asks Inspector that he did all things but leave Naiya. Naiya says leave Prakash. Acp says no we cannot leave Prakash as he harmed Priyal. Naiya says she did all things but never harmed Priyal. They arrests them both. Meera and Vidya together says stop officer. Vidya says she takes her complain back as Naiya is regretting now. Meera says yes. Acp says ok and they are in doubt zone till now. Dharam hugs Naiya. Acp says now they are going. Dharam ssys he was so angry but she confessed everything that is good part. Vidya says we should make Naiya and Prakash married. Shravan also says he wants this too.

Kokila beats Jaggi. Kokila becomes emotional and says he does not listen to anyone. Sahir makes him wear clothes like Ahem. Veeru gives him spectacles. Urmila comes and becomes shocked to see him in Ahem’s clothes. Jaggi says these are weird clothes. Urmila says this is tough for you but at same time its tough for Kokilatoo. She tells you look like Ahem her son and she is remembering Ahem at every moment now. Still she is bearing all this for Gopi. If anybody else would be in her place then she would have died.

Urmila tells only he can save Gopi no one else and she knows that its difficult for him to become Ahem. Ahem comes downstairs. Everyone imagines Ahem. Jaggi says you all are so good but he cannot become Ahem. Mansi says to kill Gopi but Krishna and Pramila should not know about this.

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