Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th September 2016 Full Episode Written Updates: Premila Challenges Urmila

Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Jaggi comes as Ahem to Mansi. Mansi says i will die too and then no one can dare to separate us. Ahem says no i have to first make sure that my mother will live comfortably. He disappears. Mansi shouts where are you going and come back. She cries. Urmila and Gopi stand in shock. She thinks that we have to take out those papers at any cost. They changes their look and goes in hospital. She asks receptionist that where is doctor and they wants to change their bandage. She tells them the way. They looks and walks around. Gopi thinks where will be the lockers. A nurse comes and says there is no doctor in this floor and you should go.. gopi sayz sorry and goes from there. She sees mouthstache of Urmila is coming out.

Saath Nibhana SaathiyaShe hugs her and saves their reputation. Krishna plays snake and Ladder with Jai and Veeru. He listens to Mansi that she was talking to Krishna and asking him to go to hospital directly from Airport. He thinks Gopi and Urmila are also there and this will be a problem. He calls Urmila but her phone goes not reachable. He then changes his look and goes as pregnant woman in hospital. Urmila and Gopi becomes shocked to see him. She asks why you came here and Jaggi says that Mansi was talking and informing KRISHNA to come to hospital directly.

He says Krishna would be coming here anytime. Krishna enters then. Jaggi starts acting again. He says why you left me alone in house. Urmila says please take my daughter in law as she is having so much pain. They goes. Gopi also passes by Krishna and he didnot notices her. Gopi goes to find lockers. She goes inside room and finds locker no. 336. She sees it has a digital lock inside. She thinks what must be the password. She thinks may be Ahem’s birthday. Locker opens. She gets shocked. She looks inside. No papers were inside. She thinks how is this possible.

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